Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Laundry List

I had a revelation yesterday. I was never the sort of person who felt a need for a dayplanner or organizer however now it seems like a moral imperative. It's not that I have a hectic social schedule, well sometimes I do but the point is I plan a lot of projects and get scatter-brained in the process. I end up with a list of things that either never get done or fail to get done in a timely manner. So...

BEHOLD! The mighty list of project-mania and to do's!

1. Order the Sushi Erasers for the Shadowbox. Also, compile other materials for optimum craftiness.

2. Start and complete Sushi Shadowbox.

3. Take negative of Andy's film to get Jellyfish picture printed as an 8x10. Or bigger if possible.

4. Have Jellyfish picture matted and framed. This must be completed by the end of September.

5. Hang the asian plates in the dining room.

6. Finish the Geisha cross-stitch.

7. Buy tickets (?*) to see Windsor For The Derby at the Black Cat in DC for Sept. 7th. I haven't seen Dan and Anna in forever anyway. Not to mention I've never met their uber cute little girl, Ruthie. We had planned on seeing the family this weekend in Philadelphia but unfortunately they are touring. Silly me, I had forgotten they were going to be in Europe for a leg of their tour. You'd think I'd keep better tabs on my relatives.The show was cancelled. I'm gonna email Dan to see if everything is okay..

8. Choose appropriate concert attire for Friday night. (Woohoo Nightwish!) And er, pack what is needed for the weekend in Philly on Thursday evening.

9. Erm, figure out where and when we're going to do stuff in Philly this weekend.

?* We still haven't decided if that is what we're doing yet. I want to but the show is on a Sunday night and Any will most likely have class the next day. I don't work till the afternoon that day so it didn't matter to me.

In closing, I'll leave you with a video of one of WFTD's songs from their album We Fight Til Death called "Empathy For People Unknown".

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