Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How I Love Thee

Netflix has easily become one of Andy and I's best monthly expenditures. It's much more cost and time efficient for the both of us versus an investment into digital cable. I know for a fact that my parents' digital cable package runs $77 a month and that is without premium movie channels. My parents spend a considerable amount of their free time in front of the old boob tube, not always watching something they like but essentially using it is a time suck because they are otherwise bored. I think that mostly applies to my mother though. But I digress! Andy and I don't watch TV for the sake of it and mutually believe that most programs on today aren't very good. (Did I mention that we really dislike reality shows?) The TV shows we do like are on DVD though so then we can watch them at our leisure.

I've set up my queue to alternate between movies and a TV show. In fact, I just mailed back Disc 1 of the 2005 refresh of Doctor Who Season 1. (Which by the way is fantastic. I've seen it before but Andy hasn't so I wanted to share it with him.) I get so excited when I look in the mail; it's like I'm bloody 5 years old! I'm pretty content with Netflix so my husband rules for coming with the idea to do it. I still buy DVDs but it is only of stuff I absolutely want to keep and/or can afford. For instance, I indulged my inner 80's child and purchased Wargames a few weeks ago. That same week, a limited release to the theaters had finally come out in DVD and I've been absolutely desperate for it. I admit I am unabashedly in love with James McAvoy and adore Christina Ricci so Penelope had to be mine. And Netflix tells me Bruce Almighty is shipping today! Andy hasn't seen that either and that is one of few Jim Carrey flicks that I thoroughly enjoy.

Either way, date night with my dear hubby tomorrow will not be boring since we have plenty of variety and choices. "Date Night" begins when I get off work tomorrow and we head to Macaroni Grill for dinner. Then we go home to curl up in front of a movie. While it may not seem like much, any quality time I get to spend with Andy has been keeping my mood light and warm since the rush of banality that has occurred over the last several weeks. Maybe next time we should have a Date Night with video gaming madness!


CrouchingOwl said...

Bonnie Jean and I are the same way. No TV for its own sake, and honestly rarely any TV at all. It's kind of funny sometimes. When we call the local phone company and they try to sell us on stuff like TV before letting us talk to tech support we have completely shocked some of their agents by protesting that we don't watch any TV. I've got to wonder how much their stats get dinged when they treat us like aliens from outerspace because we don't watch TV.

We do rent movies, but not enough for netflix. And yes buy the classic ones. As far as TV on DVD goes... we have 2 volumes of Invader Zim... he's always fun for those strange moods where dark cynical humor is best.

Denise said...

Invader Zim is awesome stuff. I think I actually own right 2 TV shows on DVD, the entire series of Dawson's Creek and some of South Park. I'd like to own all the new Doctor Who and Torchwood Seasons but the BBC is just so pricey when it comes to their releases. ($75 just for Doctor Who Season 1 and I think that is 13-14 episodes.) Maybe I should look for them used at Gamestop.

A couple of good friends of ours are TV junkies. They tivo stuff they can't watch if they are already watching something and I don't think they always get around to watching all of the shows they record. It's just kind of nuts to me. I used to like the Discovery Channel but even that has mroe reality shows on it now when I catch at my parents' house. It's just very sad.

CrouchingOwl said...

Bonnie Jean's favorite tv show growing up was Scientific American Frontiers. I think that says it all.