Monday, November 3, 2008

Too Much..

Today Spike was euthanized after a week of suffering from heart failure. Spike was Pap's dog. It was very hard for Mamaw but she couldn't bear to see him suffer anymore. She took him to the Vet to day with the help of a lovely individual who volunteered to come over and lift him into the car for her. In a nutshell, the Vet said sometime last week his heart started to fail. It wasn't disease or anything; his heart simply was worn out and weakening. Poor Spike had trouble moving. Mamaw said he'd collapsed completely on several occasions. He had other symptoms too. The Vet said even if she put him on meds for hsi heart, it wouldn't stop the inevitable. Spike would have just became inert and lost all mobility. He would have had to be hand-fed and placed on disposable pads since he couldn't move to go to the bathroom anymore. I'm glad Mamaw made the decision to prevent him from becoming that much worse. He suffered enough.

Rest in Peace, Spike.
Slime Pap with puppy love.


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