Friday, November 7, 2008

One Giant Leap Forward.. Three Steps Back..

Despite the historic election of President Obama, three states have plunged their homosexual citizens into anger and despair. I am appalled, surprised and utterly disappointed with people in this regard. Apparently there are still too many ignorant folks who hate equality. The attitude is completely anachronistic and very lazy. Let me explain because my awesome husband brought up very good points. This is not going to be a christian bashing post I swear but I am going to point out the more banal aspects that people sugar coat or plain out ignore.

It all boils down to parents who have begun indoctrinating their children in what they want them to believe. And if homosexuality is a sin in their beliefs, they will expect their children to follow in suit. We're talking about families that center their entire lifestyle around their religious text of choice. What blows their minds is when the world around them doesn't align with their belief system. So now they are forced to confront the validity of their beliefs living in a modern world. While a more tolerant and unified existence is better, they'd sacrifice it for their little slice of self righteous opinion and dense pride. They are scared, so damn scared of progression and evolution. A simple history lesson would show you that civilizations are born and then they fall. Societies are born and they adapt to the world in motion as time ticks by. Since when did change become so evil? You'd have to pry the commandents from the cold dead hands of a conservative before they'd accept the world has changed in the last few thousand years. Everything changes in time, period. Even those tried and true tenets heavily religious people stick too. If there weren't a few progressive thinkers out there, we'd still be burning people at the stake and thinking the world was flat.

So I ask in country where there is supposed to be a dividing line between church and state. who has the right to dictate whom you can and cannot marry? Nobody. It is most certainly not in any goverments place to say that you can't marry somebody just because of who you both are! Religious people are entitled to their opinions and I'm not saying they should give a fruit basket to every gay person they meet, but practice a bit more tolerance. You never know, one day you might find yourself fighting for equality and being the wrongfully hated.

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Whitaker said...

Thank you for sharing your opinion.

As you may have guessed, our opinions differ somewhat on this issue.

Regardless of that, you are a woman whom I admire in many ways. You make a marvelous difference to a young man who is very dear to me, and with the passing of time, you become more and more dear to me.

Opinions may differ, but it matters little. You are family!