Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Which We Are Unimpressed Yet Hopeful..

While my sole purpose for the holiday move season was crushed a few months ago when Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was bunted till next summer, I've found a few options to keep things interesting till the end of the year. This is by no means a guide to viewing as my tastes are quirky and uninhibited. I'm going go to also introduce what I'd like to call the SQUEE! Factor rates from 1-5. Factor 1 being midly amusing and Factor 5 being cosmically sublime. Without further ado, here are the lucky flicks I shall give my money to:

10/31/2008 Releases

Zack and Miri Make A Porno
It feels like it has been too long without a raunchy, witty and compelling Kevin Smith movie. I was following the whole movie-making process pretty closely on Kevin's website and listening to his podcast with Scott Mosier, aptly titled Smodcast. That was actually half the fun really. If you like vulgar conversatiion with jewels of knowledge tossed at you here and there, I recommend giving it a listen. I tend to listen to Smodcast when I'm doing the dishes or something trivial that I dislike so I'm at least in a good mood. Back on topic, the movie is a romantic comedy that also makes fun of porn. Mostly how absurd the people look with their exaggerated sexual motions and mannerisms.

SQUEE! Factor: 4

Firstly, Clint Eastwood is directing this drama and Angelina Jolie is lead actress. Allow me a moment to swoon and gush unabashedly about Angelina Jolie. She's beautiful, smart, and has saintly qualities. Yeah, I acknowledge she was a wild child actress and did some crapfest flicks. (Every actor has done their share of crap movies.) But she isn't perfect and lived her life the way she wanted it. Anywho, the movie is based on events from an infamous case from 1928 called The Wineville Chicken Murders. It's a drama that not only shows the corruption of the LAPD but a society's view of an independent woman. It seems interesting to me.

SQUEE! Factor: 4

11/21/2008 Releases

Based on my latest guilty pleasure of choice and book of the same name. What can I say, vampires and romance make me daydream like a schoolgirl. But I'm not enough a fangirl to condemn the movie though. People still just don't get that movie adaptations of books are never quite accurate.

SQUEE! Factor: 5!!

12/12/2008 Releases

The Day The Earth Stood Still
So another remake of a beloved Sci-Fi classic. I did enjoy the remake of War of the Worlds even if it did have crazy cracker Tom Cruise. It felt darker and more realistic. (Seriously if an intergalactic foe attacked the earth, we'd have no kind of technology to efficiently defend ourselves.) Keanu Reeves is apparently playing Klaatu in this updated version. The trailer intrigued me too so we shall see.

SQUEE! Factor: 3


The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
The movie adaptation of the short story I posted about last month is finally seeing the light of day in a wide release. I can't wait to see it.

SQUEE! Factor: 4

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