Friday, February 18, 2011

As We Know It..

I have come to the conclusion that I am not very good at keeping a consistent blog. :D

November '10

This month was really a blur even though I thought it would never end. It was the countdown till the closing on our house so there was a never-ending trail of papers that needed to be signed and/or faxed for the loan officer. The idea of finally getting out of the terrible apartment situation seemed completely unreal. Things seemed to be getting worse and worse at Overlook Apartments with disrespectful neighbors and the constant bed bug spraying. From the last week of September till like the first week of November, my cats had to be removed from the place every week for an entire day. Thankfully, my parents are awesome and avid cat lovers so they were great with letting them hang out there till it was safe for them to go back home. It could have been pretty costly if we had to place them in a kennel each week.

Other than the crazy pre-house shuffle of packing, we did do some fun stuff. My relatives from Florida came in the week of Thanksgiving which was great so we spent some time with them on the weekend. Thanksgiving day was split between the in-laws, Andy's grandparents, and my parents. Perhaps it was not a good idea to do both houses in one day but I did not learn my lesson.

December '10

The month started off with us closing on the house. (YAY!) However when we were moving our things to the house our friend rear-ended the packed moving track we were driving. Nobody was hurt but Grayson's car was totaled. He had that car for 10 or 12 years. He was very attached. We felt so bad.

It was a very busy month unpacking but we did head to the in-laws and my parents on Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, Andy and I drove around the rural country community I grew up in and through historic downtown Frederick to look at the lights. We managed to get the house mostly together to throw the annual New Year's Eve party for our friends. That was a blast.

January '11

So now we are caught up to 2011. While the house is mostly put together, I haven't put my pretty objects back up on the walls or shelves yet. The office and bedroom is in dire need of organization but I'm getting to it. The upstairs bathroom is currently not usable because Andy had to rip down the shower wall due to moisture getting in behind the tile. He also took down the lame sliding door system that was too short because he'd hit his head while ducking out of it or the water would spray over the top. The bathroom smelled so bad from mildew that had been growing behind the shower wall. (This is one of those times where I am thankful we are a two full bath house.) It is taking longer than we had anticipated though. I think we may have hit the wall finally where we need a plumber. We bought nice new fixtures to install before we put up the last cement board but new fixtures are more complex, larger even. The original 20 year old fixture installation was smaller and pretty much bare bones. In short, the water pipes need to be moved back to accommodate the new fixtures. Once the fixtures are installed, that last cement board can go up.

A proper entry is to come that doesn't read like a summary. :)


Bonnie Jean said...

The bathroom sounds like a headache... I hope you can get that finished up soon- so glad you've got another one to be using while you're working on it! I thought Justin had mentioned something that needed to be redone with the kitchen... Is that at least finished off already, I hope?

You may not be a consistent blogger... but if its any consolation, you are more consistent at it than Andy. :)

Polly Zero said...

Some of the cabinet doors in the kitchen need refinished because somebody was careless when they lived here. :( One of the top doors in particular is water/steam damaged where somebody must have sat a coffee machine or rice steamer on the counter often. That will take time as well. There's lots of painting to do down in the lower level but one thing at a time.