Monday, May 18, 2009

Another day, another piece dies..

Another bad day. Another day at the job that is sucking away what little sanity and peace I have left. It's getting harder and harder to push away the perpetual despair and grim thought processes. I'm on the edge.

There's been a couple of layoffs at my job and the schedule is in a state of flux after June 26. It's only going to get more stressful without proper support. I think this move was a mistake and may have screwed my department in the future.

I can't leave my job stress at my job because everything is so uncertain.

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CrouchingOwl said...

Hope things work out well. I hate job stress. Had my manager ask me this morning why it was that our average production per agent per day was only 10 and all I could say is "I think everyone is demoralized." Couldn't quite say what I wanted to, which was no matter how good we do you management people will always find some new way of doing things to make sure we can't get enough done, so why bother anyways? Oh well. Life gets very annoying sometimes. A little calmness and certainty could be a big boost for a lot of us right now I think